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Emerging Bioinformatics CROs Where You Can Find Remote Jobs

Recent advancements in genomics, proteomics, and data science have contributed to the impressive rise in the areas of bioinformatics & life science analytics domains. Bioinformatics CROs make indispensable partners for pharma companies aiming to expedite R&D processes. You have the exceptional chance to work with Contract Research Organizations (CROs) in the USA, Europe, and the […]

Top Startups in AI-driven Drug Discovery Domain

The use of AI has ushered in a period of unmatched change in the field of drug research. Here is a diverse array of businesses leading the way in AI-driven drug discovery, including cutting-edge startups and well-established big pharma firms, and why these businesses present exciting career options for lifesciences professionals. 1. Atomwise use AI to […]

8 Amazing Courses for Freelance Medical Writers and Early-Career Lifesciences Professionals

If you are a freelance medical writer or aspire to be one, you must constantly evolve as per the dynamic demands of the global lifesciences industry. The industry is brimming with opportunities for freelance medical writers and you can take advantage of these by upskilling with some of the numerous courses available online! Here are 8 suggestions by the Lifelancer team: 1. […]