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Benefits for Agencies

The Agency Account gives you access to the following features!
  • Create an agency profile and showcase your team expertise & portfolio
  • Search, filter, and save projects
  • Apply internationally for projects & jobs
  • Get project invitations from international clients
  • Communicate with clients using our messaging & real-time chat features
  • Work with clients on mutually agreed terms*

It is free to create an Agency Account & the Agency Profile. All the features of the Agency Account are free for the first 60 days. Thereafter we charge an agency account fee of $10/month for the paid features ($120/year, annual subscription only). The paid features include featuring your agency profile on the Lifelancer Agency Search page as well as project application features.

You can get started for free. You will receive an invoice from us within 30 days which needs to be paid within the first 60 days of opening the account if you wish to continue using all the agency account features (including the paid features). The basic version of the agency account is free if you do not wish to use the paid features.

The Agency and Employer accounts can be switched into each other and can function simultaneously.

*Unless specifically agreed via a separate mutual agreement, Lifelancer doesn't charge project fees or do any mediation for client connections. We simply charge the Agency Account fee and help you to connect with clients via the Lifelancer platform.