8 Amazing Courses for Freelance Medical Writers and Early-Career Lifesciences Professionals

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If you are a freelance medical writer or aspire to be one, you must constantly evolve as per the dynamic demands of the global lifesciences industry. The industry is brimming with opportunities for freelance medical writers and you can take advantage of these by upskilling with some of the numerous courses available online!

Here are 8 suggestions by the Lifelancer team:

1. Medical Writing for Healthcare Professionals:

A course by Udemy for beginners and early career professionals to dive into the #medicalwriting profession. This nominally priced course teaches you technical writing such as monographs. It also teaches basics of law and taxes to help you kickstart your independent career.

2. How to create a portfolio to get into medical writing

If you are starting out as a freelance medical writer, one thing you must work on is a stellar portfolio. This course by Udemy will teach you just that to bag the right clients. It is a paid course but nominally priced.

3. Regulatory Affairs & Medical Writing

If you want to specialize in the #regulatoryaffairs writing – you have the right course by Udemy that will help you understand the language fundamentals and style conventions.

4. Writing in the Sciences

This free course by Coursera can serve as a starting point for early professionals and those who wish to break into the industry. It can teach you formats of scientific writing, ethical issues in scientific publication and being a better scientific communicator.

5. Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials

A free course by Coursera helps you understand the language of clinical trials, the design of randomized clinical trials, and how they should be reported and interpreted. Good for beginners.

6. Scientific and MedicalEditing

While you write well, you must learn the tricks to edit well too. This quick course by Udemy is well-priced and can help you edit better.

7. NIeCer 103: Scientific Writing in Health Research

This course by the Indian Council of Medical Research available on Class Central explains the concepts in drafting a scientific manuscript to communicate research findings and helps you improve your #scientificwriting.

8. Introduction to Scientific Writing for Publication

Tied with the University of Oregon, this course by Class Central is free and provides the basics of writing well for scientific purposes.

Kickstart your career and make your way in the world of medical writing to build a rewarding professional life! Check out a plethora of relevant projects and remote jobs in medical writing through the Lifelancer platform. Simply create a free profile and start exploring.

If you liked this list, find the course links in the comments section below and follow the Lifelancer page for other such recommendations.

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash