10 High-Paying Freelance & Remote Job Areas in Life Science, Pharma, and Health-IT

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If you are a growing professional in the life sciences, pharma, and biotech industry, we have good news for you! You can not only increase your monthly income but can also open yourself to wider horizons of professional and personal growth by taking up freelance & remote jobs in the life sciences industry. If you think that only designers, writers, and web developers can have a thriving freelancing career, you will be surprised to know that there is a plethora of high-paying jobs and projects that you can work on by being a life science, pharma, or health-IT freelancer. Moreover, there are emerging platforms such as Lifelancer that can help you to find such freelance & remote job opportunities.

Here are some of the hottest opportunity areas in life sciences, pharma, and health-IT domains that you must be aware of to enjoy a thriving freelancing career.

1. Medical Writing, Scientific Writing & Copyediting

A medical writer is a person who applies the principles of clinical research in developing clinical trials & medical documents that effectively and clearly describe research results, product use, and other medical information. The medical writers also ensure that their documents comply with the regulatory, journal, or other guidelines in terms of content, format, and structure.

There is a great demand for skilled medical writers as well as writers in related areas such as academic writing, scientific writing, copyediting, and scientific journalism. If you have relevant subject-matter knowledge and some experience with medical, clinical & scientific literature, you can find some amazing opportunities as a freelance medical or scientific writer.

2. Medical & Scientific Translation

The global boundaries have blurred and with the increasing number of medical & scientific articles being published every year and research being done in every imaginable language, there is always a need for skilled scientific translators who can correctly translate and interpret the life sciences and healthcare sector. If you are a life sciences professional knowing languages apart from English, this can be a lucrative freelance and remote opportunity for you.

3. Regulatory Affairs & Pharmacovigilance

The regulatory function in healthcare industries is vital in making safe and effective healthcare products. Individuals who ensure regulatory compliance and prepare documents for regulatory submissions are considered regulatory professionals. The regulatory professional’s roles and responsibilities often begin in the research and development phases, moving into clinical trials and extending through premarket approvals, manufacturing, labeling and advertising, and post-market surveillance.

With increasing global regulation in the healthcare industry, there is also an upward trend in pharmacovigilance and drug safety case processing projects circulating in the freelance sphere. As a regulatory affairs or pharmacovigilance professional, you can find some well-paying gigs in the sphere.

4. Bioinformatics & Pharmacoinformatics

Computational methodologies are widely applied in many steps of biotech & pharma research, drug discovery, and drug development. The life sciences industry has heavy demand for bioinformatics, pharmacogenomics, pharmacoinformatics & other IT professionals due to the steady rise of digital transformation and increasing adoption of technology in this area. You can easily thrive as a freelancer or remote worker in life sciences if you have these skills.

5. Data Science, Data Analytics & Biostatistics

With massive amounts of healthcare data being accumulated every day, there is a huge need for data scientists, data mining and analytics experts, and biostatisticians in the industry.  An increasing number of projects are floating for freelancers with adequate experience and skills in these areas.

6. Business Consulting & Market Research

If the commercial side of the life sciences business thrills you, you can find plenty of projects coming your way in strategic insights, market research, market access, competitor analysis, and product & portfolio strategy from pharma, biotech, and consulting companies.

7. Sales & Business Development

There is always a need for more business development and salespersons for all industries and the life sciences industry is no different. Having some hands-on experience with sales profiles will take you a long way in such projects and engagements where you get to assist companies with their sales process and grow their business.

8. Patents & Intellectual Property

Increasing innovation in biotech & pharma has led to lots of opportunities for patent and IP professionals. Various projects on patent search, patent analysis, and patent writing are open to freelancers & remote workers these days.

9. Clinical Trial & Clinical Research

With the tremendous growth in clinical research and an increasing number of clinical trials being organized every year, as a clinical research professional, you can easily land yourself a bunch of opportunities in clinical research profiles on a project or remote basis.

10. Digital Health Applications

The boundaries of digital health continue to expand and there are new types of job opportunities coming up with the digital revolution in the healthcare sector. Wearables, AI, machine learning, telemedicine, and blockchain are technologies that are evolving fast and talented resources are needed at every step of the way. Lucrative projects for contractors, freelancers & remote workers are widely available in these fields.

How to find Freelance & Remote Jobs in Life Science, Pharma, and Health-IT domains?

The best way to find lucrative opportunities in the above domains is to display your professional skills on life science-specific freelance & remote job platforms such as Lifelancer. You can get started now by creating a nice professional profile on Lifelancer and start applying for relevant opportunities.