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Recent advancements in genomics, proteomics, and data science have contributed to the impressive rise in the areas of bioinformatics & life science analytics domains. Bioinformatics CROs make indispensable partners for pharma companies aiming to expedite R&D processes. You have the exceptional chance to work with Contract Research Organizations (CROs) in the USA, Europe, and the UK as a remote job seeker with experience in bioinformatics. These CROs are essential in helping pharmaceutical and biotech firms with the research and development of new drugs. We will look at a variety of new bioinformatics CROs in these areas and provide you with an overview of their potential as remote employment prospects in this post.

Here is the list of various bioinformatics CROs across various geographies

US-based Bioinformatics CROs:

  1. DNAnexus: This leading bioinformatics CRO provides a cloud-based platform for analyzing genetic data. Remote job seekers can explore different jobs across fields like data analysis, software engineering, and project management.
  2. Foundation medicine: This CRO is specialized in molecular information and genomic testing. They offer various positions in bioinformatics and data analysis.
  3. Personalis: They are specialized in advanced genomics and personalized medicine. Bioinformatics, data analysis, software engineering are the various fields to explore.
  4. Myriad Genetics: This is known for genetic testing and genomics. Applicants can look for bioinformatics, data analysis, and research roles here.
  5. SOPHia Genetics: They are renowned for data-driven medicine and clinical genomics. Bioinformatics analysis and data science can be the possible fields to look into.
  6. Tempus: They are known for precision medicine and clinical data analytics. Data analysis, bioinformatics, and software development are good options here.

EU and UK-based Bioinformatics CROs:

  1. Geneious by Dotmatics: This CRO is renowned for its software offerings in the fields of molecular biology and genomics. Remote opportunities can be found in fields like the development of software, customer assistance, and data analysis.
  2. Baseclear: DNA sequencing, genomics, and bioinformatics services are areas of expertise of this CRO. Data management and bioinformatics analysis can be your future prospects with this company.
  3. Qiagen: This is the world leader in terms of bioinformatics and molecular diagnostics. They provide remote positions in customer service and software development for bioinformatics.
  4. GenomeScan: This CRO focuses on bioinformatics and next-generation sequencing. Opportunities in data analysis and bioinformatics support may be available to remote job seekers.
  5. Genomics England: This is the leader in the fields of genetic medicine and bioinformatics. They provide remote opportunities in informatics, research, and data analysis.

Remote job seekers can uncover interesting employment opportunities in bioinformatics and make a significant contribution to ground-breaking discoveries while working from home by researching the rising CROs mentioned above. Always be proactive, learn new things, and take advantage of the possibility of working in this fast-paced industry.